A Beginners Guide To Creating Your First Nurture Sequence

I'm just a simple gal who loves nerding out over business systems, designing stuff and making content for the internet. I create no-fluff, actionable content to help you ditch the doubt, gain confidence and build the digital empire they’ve always dreamed of.

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The traditional nurture sequence wasn't made for us beginners. Which is why I've created a new way for us.

I'm just a simple gal who loves nerding out over productivity systems, website design and making content for the internet.

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Grow, Nurture & Monetise Your Email List with Flodesk


November 21, 2023

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I'm Teri-Ann

I'm just a simple gal who loves nerding out over business systems, designing stuff and making content for the internet. I create no-fluff, actionable content to help you ditch the doubt, gain confidence and build the digital empire they’ve always dreamed of.

A Guide To Creating Your Email Nurture Sequence

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Did you know that 99% of email users check their inbox daily?

With over 4 Billion daily email users, with that number expected to reach 4.6 Billion within the next 2 years, I’d say that email marketing is worth paying attention to.

In this post I walk you through my favourite email marketing software, Flodesk and how you can utilise it to grow, nurture and monetise your email list.

If you haven’t heard of Flodesk, they are an email a digital marketing provider that offers a simplistic and intuitive platform to create beautiful emails and sell digital products and services. 

They listen to feedback from their users and are consistently improving the platform to make engaging with your audience even easier. I’ll be sharing some of their newest features in this video so be sure not to miss those.

Thank you to Flodesk for kindly sponsoring this video, if you would like to give it a try click here for a 30-day FREE trial as well as 50% off your subscription for the first year.

Growing An Email List with Flodesk

Growing our email list isn’t a set-and-forget business task, it’s an ongoing process that directly helps us build an engaged audience that wants to hear from us and is hopefully interested in what we have to offer either now or in the future.

Flodesk makes growing our email list easier than ever with 3 key features.


A more recent feature, the Link in Bio takes forms to the next level.

Categorised as a form, it allows you to include an opt-in feature for people to sign up for your latest freebie or newsletter without any additional integrations.

Allows users to showcase their most important content, information, services or products.

Flodesk Email Marketing Link In Bio Templates

Also, Flodesk has released what they call Flodesk Handles which works similarly to a social handle where you can semi-customise your form names.


The real key to growing your list is in the opt-in form and Flodesk has a variety of beautiful templates you can utilise.

The types of forms available are Link in Bio, Popup, Inline, and Full Page.

Popup Forms work well on static website pages such as your home or about page, to grab viewers’ attention as they move through your website.

Flodesk Email Marketing Popup Form Templates

Inline Forms are great to include in blog posts, especially when you have a freebie or lead magnet relevant to the blog post topic.

Flodesk Email Marketing Inline Form Templates

Full-page forms are my personal favourite as they offer a stand-alone opt-in page that allows you to showcase your lead magnet. These are great to link to from your Link in Bio, YouTube videos, or even Pinterest.

Flodesk Email Marketing Full Page Form Templates


Flodesk Analytics gives you an overview of how your forms, workflows, emails and checkouts are performing.

Through studying and understanding your analytics you gain insight into what’s working and what needs improvement in regards to the email marketing efforts.

Access Analytics via the Analytics tab at the top of your Dashboard, or you can see specific analytics by clicking the Analytics bar icon on individual emails, forms, workflows and checkouts.

Flodesk Analytics Form Overview

Nurture Your Email List with Flodesk

Nurturing your email list is the process of building a relationship with your subscribers through consistently delivering valuable content, resources, and engaging emails.

Research has shown that the most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns are subscriber segmentation, message personalization, and email automation campaigns.

All of which you can do seamlessly within Flodesk.


Did you know that Nurture or Welcome Sequences have the highest open rate of any email campaign?

Flodesk has strategically simplified the process of automated campaigns or sequences into what they call Workflows.

Workflows allow you to set up a sequence of emails that will be automatically sent to subscribers when a specified trigger is activated.

If you want an in-depth tutorial on nurturing workflows then you can check out my post on How to Create An Email Nurture Sequence for Beginners.


Flodesk offers a library of beautifully designed email templates to choose from, including opt-in delivery emails, welcome emails, sales emails, and many more.

The intuitive email builder allows you to create beautiful, mobile-friendly emails in no time at all.

Speaking of sales emails, Flodesk just released some new templates in time for those end-of-year sales promotions. Great for both physical and digital products.

Flodesk Email Marketing Sales Email Templates

Some other new additions that I’m also very excited about, the first being a countdown timer which you can include in any promotional emails. The timer can be set to end on a specific date and time, or it can be personalised to countdown from a specific amount of time, starting once the subscriber opens the email.

Flodesk Email Marketing Countdown Timer Block

Another new feature is the e-commerce block which allows you to showcase multiple products, both physical and digital, within your emails with plenty of options for customising the look and style of the block.

Flodesk Email Marketing E-Commerce Block


The audience tab provides you with a complete list of your subscribers, their details and which segments they have been added to.

Segments help you organize your subscribers into various interest groups so that you can serve them highly relevant, personalized content.

Subscribers are added to segments by initially opting into your email list, usually in exchange for a lead magnet or freebie. You can also further segment your subscribers during workflows where you can set triggers that are linked to specific segments.

Email Marketing Audience Segmentation

Monetise Your Email List with Flodesk

Now, let’s talk about the ultimate goal – monetizing your email list.

The average return on investment when it comes to your email marketing efforts is pretty impressive at $36 for every $1 spent.

Flodesk offers some great features that integrate seamlessly to take a subscriber from cold lead to potential buyer to customer without you having to lift a finger.


Sales Funnels are easier than ever to create using Flodesk workflows which allow for time delays, link triggers, and much more.

I cover sales funnels in much more detail in this video here.

Email Marketing Sales Funnel


Checkouts are an absolute game changer when it comes to selling products or taking payment for services online.

You can create entire sales pages, which of course Flodesk offers stunning templates for, as well as simple checkout pages that can be easily integrated into your current website for an easy payment processing system.

I’ve also covered Checkouts in much more detail in this video here.

Flodesk Email Marketing Checkouts


Flodesk offers an affiliate program to anyone who uses their software.

You can find your referral details in the ‘Share Flodesk’ section of your settings.

Here you can create your affiliate code and if you scroll down you’ll find your referral analytics. 

A quick tip: be sure to leave the ‘made with love in Flodesk’ at the bottom of your emails as this is linked directly to your affiliate code and is a great way to passively promote your affiliate link.


There we have it, a complete overview of how you can utilise Flodesk to grow, nurture and monetise your email list. I have this motivated you to increase your efforts in building your email list.

Don’t forget, if you would like to give it a try click here for a 30-day FREE trial as well as 50% off your subscription for the first year.

Disclaimer: I sometimes include affiliate links within my posts for my fave products. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.



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